Hela & Lodo: Split LP

by Hela

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Split LP with LODO.

Released 11 November 2014

Isa: Vocals
Tano: Bass
Julian: Guitar
Miguel: Drums

Recorded 2014 at the Basement of Doom by Antonio Olmos.
Mixed by Antonio Olmos and Julian.
Mastered by Julian.
Art by Julian at deadsign.es


released January 8, 2015




Hela Elche, Spain

Hela is a doom metal band from Elche (Alicante, Spain).

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Track Name: The End of Times
Serpent rising
evil is unleashed
the stars will shine no more
Spit the venom on
the face of Earth

The bridge is broken
and heaven will fall down
there is fire all around
and the dead rise from Hel

The horn will sound in the nine worlds
the doors are crossed
and the sun will shine all in black
this is the end of our times

Swept away
New kingdom is born
no misery after all
peace and joy
will bloom when we’re gone
Track Name: Norns
Under the roots of Yggdrasil
at the center of the universe
they rule, the fate of men
beyond the powers of the gods

Urd weaves the thread of your life
and Skuld shall cut it with her blade
they feed, the great ash tree
with the water of the well of fate

Leave now, this world
your fate is ruled by the Norns

Verdandi managed all your life
until Skuld finished it
golden age, of the gods
now is over and is their turn

Leave now, this world
your fate is ruled by the Norns
your life, is a thread
in the loom of the Norns

Under the roots
They rule the world
Beyond the walls
of the underworld
Even the gods shall die
when she cut their thread
no one can escape
from the fate of Norns

They rule the world
under the roots
no one can escape
from the fate of Norns